About MCYC

about us MCYC

Multihull Cruising Yacht Club (MCYC) has been formed with the objective of providing a means for multihull boat owners to build networks, share experiences, learn how others fix issues and engage in both cruising and racing/rallys whilst enjoying the social aspects that belonging to a club provides.

MCYC is a virtual club so that members can access activities, connect to other owners and participate in the activities no matter where they happen to be located.

This will be most apparent in the cruising side of the club with events being held locally around Sydney and other events such as cruising in company to places like Lord Howe island, Great Kepple Island and the Louisiade Archipelago.

A small group of owners formed the club as a not for profit organisation and the formal name of the club is Multihull Cruising Yacht Club Inc.