MCYC Holiday Cup

January 16 2024


The 2023/2024 Summer series of Thursday Afternoon Go Sailing (TAGS)  comprises a single series of 19 races, running from 12th October 23 thru 28th March 2024 races are held every Thursday on Sydney Harbour, with a mid-season break from Friday 11th December  23rd thru Wednesday 31st January 24


Entry fees :- $35.00 per boat  Click Here to Register



This event is a pursuit race. The start time will be staggered from 5.00pm, skippers must register for each race by 17:00 on the day before race day, individual race start times will be published by midday on race day. The start line for all boats will be the transit line defined by the port hand channel mark located immediately north of Garden Island, and the Robertson's Point Light (at Cremorne Point). 

Notice of race and sailing instructions can be found by clicking Holiday Cup - NOR and Sailing Instructions